Astrology behind BS Yeddyurappa’s surrender?

Bangalore, Oct 15: Ex-chief minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa who went missing after a arrest warrant was issued against him by the Karnataka Lokayukta left many wondering where he had disappeared this time.

Possibilities of Yeddyurappa’s sudden disappearance from his Race course residence and then appearing in the Lokayukta court to surrender himself can be linked to his firm belief in astrology raising one’s curiosity if he already consulted his astrologer to find a good omen to make his appearance before going to the jail.

It is not a hidden fact that the corruption hit ex-CM was buying time to delay his resignation from the post of chief minister to Jul 31, 2011 noon to step down from his post, but following people’s advice on the same BSY consulted astrologers who said that he would see a favourable period after Jul 30 that surely would boost his political career.

When Yeddyurappa faced two trust votes on Oct 11, 2010 in the Assembly, police a day earlier found a handful of vermilion, bangles, turmeric, an egg, a lemon pierced with four nails, a doll made of dough and a copper bowl oustide in the lawns of building in the Vidhana Soudha.

“Blackmagic” cried Yeddyurappa after he saw the miscellaneous articles. His astrologer however had a theory behind this that he believed was done by his opponents.

“It’s his opponents, amma,” said Bhanu Prakash Sharma, Yeddyurappa’s family priest and astrologer.

“It’s clear that some kutumba virodhi has done this. Parivarada holege, party holege (within the family, within the party). Sometimes people in your own family can act against you,” said Sharma.

The god fearing Yeddyurappa had also conducted several rituals to ward off evil eye.

“The CM is of the Vruschika rashi (zodiac sign Scorpio) and rahu is entering this rashi, which isn’t very good for him. I advised him to do the Sahasra Chandika yagna and offer one lakh modakas (a rice-based sweet) to Ganapati,” his astologer had said after Yeddyurappa seemed to ceaselessly whirl around in a series of misfortunes that kept following him.

Yeddyurappa submitted himself quietly to the arrest warrant at the Karnataka Lokayukta Court, perhaps the most unexpected out of him and will be lodged in the Parappana Agarahara Central Jail till Oct 22.

Arrest warrant was issued against Yeddyurappa on Saturday, Oct 15 after his name was indicted in the land denotification scam in the Karnataka Lokayukta report.

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