Yediruyappa steps forward as Chief Spokesperson for Sri Ram Sena: We will not allow pub culture in Karnataka

The Karnataka Chief Minister has stepped forward to be the Chief Spokesperson of Sri Ram Sena, and spoke against ‘pub culture’ and said that there is a bigger conspiracy behind victimization of Sri Ram Sena.
In a show of poor leadership, Yediyurappa did not show empathy to the Victims of the hoolagan attack, and instead toed the ‘Hoolagan’ line in attacking ‘pub culture’.
Can he define ‘pub culture’?


This is a type of state-sponsored terrorism. The Centre has to step in to do more investigation (CBI) and ban the Hindu terrorist organizations in India.

We will not allow pub culture in Karnataka: BSY
29 Jan 2009
Toeing the right-wing group Sri Ram Sene Pramod Muthalik’s line, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has said that pub culture is wrong and should not be permitted.

Yeddyurappa said that this (pub culture) was not a part of our culture and it led to unfortunate incidents like the one in Mangalore.

“We will not allow pub culture in Karnataka…the incident is an unfortunate local incident…activists of Sri Ram Sene went on a rampage. Attacking women-this is not part of our culture…if required, the government will invoke Goonda Act,” he said.

Refusing to ban the outfit, Yeddyurappa said,”There is a conspiracy behind this…some elements are trying to disrupt peace in the state. The opposition is jealous of the popularity the state government has garnered in the last eight months.”

Meanwhile, in a veiled threat to the BJP government in Karnataka, Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik said that the BJP had formed the government on the basis of Hindutva and that it should not forget that.

“I would like to remind the BJP that they have formed the government on the basis of Hindutva. Don’t sacrifice a Hindu organisation to protect your government…bear in mind what happened in UP,” he said, who is to be produced in court today after being arrested again on Wednesday.

Muthalik has been in the eye of a storm ever since cadre of the Sri Ram Sene assaulted girls in a Mangalore pub to protest against their ‘indecent’ style of dressing.

On Saturday last, a group of Sri Rama Sene activists barged into a pub, assaulted women and others, an incident which sparked nationwide outrage calling for stringent action against culprits.

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