Anna’s fiery speech instigates Indians ‘yet again’

New Delhi, Aug 28: Gandhian Anna Hazare has finally called off his fast at 10 am on Sunday morning. He took a glass of coconut water mixed with honey and symbolically broke his fast at the hands of two Dalit girls, Simran and Iqra. He said, “This the victory of the people of India. All the efforts that you have put in in the last 13 days, have born fruit. I would like to thank the media for helping this victory happen. I thank those who continously cared for my health. I want to thank the members of the civil society.”He added, “The victory over the 3 sticking points is a victory for all of you, the entire country.” He also took the opportunity to thank the media for “awakening people across the country”. He offered his gratitude to Dr. Trehan and his team and said, “They worked 24 hours for 13 days to keep my health in check.”

The key points he made in his fiery speech are – 

– We need Right to Recall, Right to Reject, says Hazare.
– Need electoral reforms, till then the protest should continue. This will be the next mission.
– Anshan ko choda nahi hai kewal sthagit kiya hai.(I have only paused my protest fast. Till all my goals have been met, my struggle is not over. So much to do still.)
– Dont remain silent even after passage of a strong Lokpal, continue your fight for change in system.
– On the Anna fan following, he said, “By wearing the Anna Topi you don’t become Anna. You become Anna by practicing my principles.”
– Change the way you live, live a stain less life, keep pure thoughts, learn to love, learn to tolerate.
– Environmental pollution is a threat to the country. We have to think about generations ahead. What will happen to them? Some parts of the country have no water, very soon petrol will get over, there will be no food.

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