You Can laugh

A)Similarities on BRA and BAR
Both are drinking joints
Both have restrictions on opening and closing times.
Both are flashy.
When open, both drive men mad.

B)Why do women wear undergarments with flowers printed on them?
To pay tribute to men who got buried under them

C)There are 3 Males and 1 Female pencil in a box.
The Female pencil got pregnant!!
Which Male pencil is responsible?

D)Three Roosters: normal, retarded and a gay.
Normal: cock-a-doodle-dooo!!!
Retarded: doodle-cock-a-dooo!!!
Gay: any-cock-will dooo!!!

E)Income Tax officer asked a Prostitute why she has put her occupation as CHICKEN FARMER.
She replied: I RAISED 500 COCKS LAST YEAR.!!

F)Secretary saw her boss’ pant’s zip open, she tells him, ‘Sir your Garage door is open.’
Boss: Did U see my FERRARI?
Secretary: No, all I saw was a small scooter with 2 punctured wheels

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