NAZIsm on rise with Police and State Support

MANGALORE, Jan 18: Nooruddin (22), a vegetable vendor from Kinnigoli, was hospitalised on Friday after he was allegedly “tortured” in the illegal custody of the District Crime Investigation Bureau (DCIB) here. He has sustained “internal injuries” and “kidney damage” and is unable to use his legs, as per the records of the Highland Hospital, where he has been admitted.

Mr. Nooruddin was allegedly picked up by the DCIB police on January 12 in connection with a murder in Kinnigoli. For the next four days, he was starved and tortured, according to a complaint filed by him with Inspector General of Police (Western Range) A.M. Prasad and Home Minister V.S. Acharya.

In the complaint, he has alleged that the investigating officers forced him to utter blasphemous statements against his religion. A heavy metal roller was run over his body and he was hung upside down and beaten.

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